WebSite Hosting

If you are a new company, or one that is venturing into the online forum for the first time, it may be difficult to find a webhost. KIARO Computer Solutions is your answer. Not only will we create a website for you that fulfills your personal and corporate needs, we will also host the site for you using an efficient, reliable hosting service. If you already have a webhost that you prefer, we can easily upload your site to any third party host that you are using. Along with hosting capabilities, KIARO Computer Solutions will help you develop and purchase your site's domain name, making sure it is unique, searchable, and accurate.

Email and Server Setup

In addition to providing you with a webhost, KIARO Computer Solutions will set up servers in your office so that you can control the Internet and Intranet aspects of your web presence. For your clientele, we will help develop newsletters and periodic email blasts, as well as set up safety measures to protect your mailing list customers from spam and viruses. We will help run you through the initial steps of organizing whatever email program you are using and make it easy for your employees to do the same. Inside the company, we can install workstations, company system servers, VPN clients, and Ethernet access. Additionally, we will download and install any software that is required to run the servers correctly.

Technical Expertise

KIARO Computer Solutions proudly boasts a team of trained and experienced technicians. Our crew consists of cutting edge web specialists, writers, coders, designers, and IT specialists. With the combination of our vast resources, KIARO Computer Solutions can implement virtually anything that is currently possible on the web into your site. This includes (but is by no means limited to) advanced programming, multimedia, interactive applications, file share systems, and company infrastructures. Because of our impressive capabilities, we can provide our customers with full service in regards to hardware and software needs.

After helping you create your web presence, KIARO Computer Solutions will continue to be available for maintenance, support, and technical assistance. We are partnered with one of the largest WebSite hosting companies in the United States who boast an impressive "uptime" of 99.999% and we are available to you 24/7 to address both your hardware and software concerns. Full-service maintenance contracts can be negotiated, to ensure that your needs are always met. We promise that your requirements will be fulfilled on time and always for a fair price.